Sunday, December 20, 2009

What happens if you wash a wool suit??

It's 100% wool and supposed to be dry clean only. Long story short, can't dry clean it by tomorrow, when he needs it. What if we washed it in cold water on the gentle cycle and then let it air dry? What's the worst that could happen? If we absolutely shouldn't do it, does anyone have any ideas of how to clean it at home?What happens if you wash a wool suit??
There is a dry cleaning product which you can use at home in your dryer. The large supermarkets should have it.

Here's some info from the link:

';You can dry-clean clothes at home for about 50 cents per garment by using Custom Cleaner Home Dry Cleaning kit (which is sold in a blue box in the laundry detergent aisle, priced for somewhere between $7 and $9). The initial kit includes a special heavy plastic bag with a reclosable seal and 3 special dry-cleaning sheets. You place a dry-cleaning sheet in the bag along with your 4 blouses or 2 large garments and seal the bag. Then you tumble-dry the bag on low heat or the permanent-press setting.

There is also a refill kit sold, with 5 dry-cleaning sheets but no plastic bag. The plastic bag lasts for 8 dry-cleaning cycles in my experience (the manufacturer claims it will last for 20).

I have found results from using the Custom Cleaner kits very satisfactory with silk blouses and dresses. I would go to a professional dry-cleaner, however, if there were stains on such garments, even though the manufacturer of Custom Cleaner gives directions for stain removal';.

Apart from that, get some Tide spot cleaner and treat any stains, spray with Febreze then hang outside in the fresh air.

I wouldn't wash it!! It will shrink, as it's not only the heat of the water that does it but also the time the garment is in the water.

The worst thing then that could happen is that

1. He has no suit at all and has to buy a new one.

2. He loses it completely and you live to regret it!What happens if you wash a wool suit??
Well if you absolutely can't dry clean it, I would suggest running to the store (like a CVS or Walgreens) and purchasing ';dry cleaning bags';. Then you use these in your washer/dryer to simulate a dry cleaning experience. I wouldn't attempt to wash it yourself without the bags, especially if it's a nice suit.
Wash on gentle cycle in cold water with 1/4 cup of regular detergent. Do not use softener it will break the fibers down. Gently shake it out when done. Lay a towel down then place the suit flat out on top. Take another towel on top and press over the suit. This is take any additional water. Shake out again and allow to air dry. DO NOT HANG UP. This is important because the fibers are now exposed to change. So until they are dry you do not want to change the suits' fit.
Washing wool turns it into Barbie clothes (shrinks).

If anything, I would either dry on the lowest heat with a dryer sheet for like 4 minutes OR just hang in the bathroom for a bit. Spritz with some Febreze or something.

I am curious where it is cold enough for wool right now...
You will have a nice suit for Barbie or Ken.It cannot be done.

You may try one of those home dry cleaning solutions but I have never tried it.
Find a 1 hr cleaners (1st thing in the morning) or buy a new suit, because if you wash it you'll be doing that anyway.
The wool will never forgive you. It will not look the same, it will shrink and it will [probably] be very ugly
It shrinks! Buy a second suit!
definitely no unless he is the size of a ken doll because it will surely shrink

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