Sunday, December 20, 2009

Should I machine wash a PURE WOOL coat?

This is a long winter coat made out of pure wool. It says to take it to the dry cleaners but i know it'll be expensive and i don't think they will get the smell that i don't like off of it. the smell is like that ';it's been sitting in the closet for about two years with no air!'; smell.

anyway i have tried febreez and putting it in the drier wich normally works for those days that i need to wear something that hasn't been tot he clleaner but its just not doing it on this jacket.

Mind you its a very heavy and thinck jacket so i keep thinking washing it on delicate won't hurt it to much but i figured i'd ask firt.

what do you think?Should I machine wash a PURE WOOL coat?
Don't machine wash it; however, they do have at-home dry cleaning kits (here in the US at least), called Dryel, that you can use to dry clean at home. They're fairly inexpensive and they work well. If they still don't remove the smell, then I would definitely take the coat to the dry cleaner's.Should I machine wash a PURE WOOL coat?
I wouldn't if I were you, maybe take it to a cleaners.
no! it will ruin it you cant machine wash anything wool.. take it to the cleaners
Take it to a cleaners that does it themselves, on or off the premises. They will know what to do. Most cleaners just send them out and the clerks don't always know what's up. Smaller items of wool you can wash by hand and laid out on a carpet to dry with pins to hold the size and prevent shrinking. Woolite is overrated. Use any mild soap. Never dry with heat.
IF YOU MACHINE WASH YOU WILL NEED TO FIND A VERY SMALL PERSON TO Wear it . it will shrink big time. call the dry cleaners you would be surprized its not that expensive good luck save up some money it will be worth it.
i would not machine wash it....maybe hand wash.....but i am a bad person to ask about that cuz i am lazy and i wash all my colors and whites in one load and then i wait for my roommates to get tired of my stuff sitting in the dryer so that they will fold it lal for me......
Wool needs to be dry clean - can you maybe hang it outside to get the smell out?!@~
NO! Do NOT wash it. Even plain water will make it shrink up horribly small.
I'd strongly recommend you take it to a dry cleaner, let them know you want the smell out as well and let a professional take care of it. It won't be the same after you throw it in the washing machine, trust me, I've made that mistake myself.

Best to you.
hell no
never never never put wool in the drier, it will SHRINK.

And i think the washing machine will make it shrink too. especially if you put it in the washing machine, THEN the drier. Thats how you make baby clothes.
Have it dried clean,washing it on Delicate will ruin the coat.

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