Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to wash wool sweaters without it shrinking?

I had bad experience washing wool sweaters only to find out they shrinks after washing, even I used the knit-cycle and cold water. Anybody knows the right method (except hand washing)?How to wash wool sweaters without it shrinking?
Wool sweaters will shrink if you wash them in the agitating type of wash machines. If you have a front loading wash machine you can wash them on the delicate cycle ONLY with cold water woolite instead of detergent. Hand washing is still the safest. Always lay flat to dry.How to wash wool sweaters without it shrinking?
Shrinking wool is caused by two things - heat and agitation. You can prevent heat in the washing machine, but you can't prevent agitation. That's just how washing machines work - they swish your clothing around so that it rubs against itself and the other items in there.

The ';knit cycle'; is designed for a very different kind of knits than a wool sweater.

Hand washing a wool sweater isn't nearly as bad as hand-washing something that needs agitation. This is how I wash all my hand-knitted sweaters (and believe me, after spending countless hours knitting something, I'm not going to ruin it in the wash!):

Fill the bathtub half-way with cool water. Add about 3 Tbsp liquid detergent (I've also used shampoo, which works just fine) and 1 Tbsp Borax. Swish it around. Submerge the sweater so that it's completely soaked. Let it soak for about an hour, swishing it around very gently once or twice. Drain the tub and refill it with cool water. Let the sweater soak for another hour, swishing occasionally. Drain, squeeze, and dry flat.

It takes a while, but there's very little actual work involved. It works great if you're watching TV - just go mess with it during the commercials.
Make sure the label doesn't say ';Dry Clean Only'; Try some Woolite in cold water in a delicate cycle, and then Downy in the rinse, but whatever you do~DON'T throw it in the dryer!! Lay it flat to dry and ';re-shape'; and stretch it every now and then, and turn it over.

Good LuckQQ
Delicate cycle, woolite,air dry and shape the sweater, pulling it gently to go back into the orignial size. This is better than hand washing.

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