Thursday, December 24, 2009

How do I wash 100% Virgin Wool?

I was just given an old Pendleton blanket that belonged to my grandmother. It's old and Dusty and I have no Idea how to wash it without shrinking it.How do I wash 100% Virgin Wool?
If the blanket has no signs of moth or other insect infestation, it is worth every penny of dry cleaning expense. Your dry cleaner may be able to give you some good tips on safekeeping this treasure. Even if there are signs of earlier insect attacks, the dry cleaner may offer a ';reweaving'; service to restore it's beauty and usefulness.

Be sure to get a firm quote for the cleaner's services. You do not want to bring moth larvae into your home to attack your other belongings; on the other hand, the cleaning cost may be prohibitive.

In which case, thank your grandmother graciously and find a crafty person to remove a portion of the blanket and create a pillow or a lap robe.How do I wash 100% Virgin Wool?
It needs to be washed by a virgin.
Dry clean or hand wash in cold water. Line dry
The best method would be to leave it out during a rain storm and letting it dry on a sunny day. Think about it - sheep go through this cycle all the time - and their wool is still fine. Natural is usually best.
You best take to dry cleaners. wool will shrink to the size of a dolls dress if you wash period.

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