Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can you wash a wool coat?

Can I wash a wool pea coat, but not dry it? What will happen if I do?Can you wash a wool coat?
If you put your wool coat into the washer, you might as well kiss it good-by! If you want to take care of it, then take it to the dry cleaners. The cleaning instructions are put into garments for a reason! Follow them to the letter and your clothes will last. Don't, and you'll be replacing your clothes often.Can you wash a wool coat?
yer. hand wash it.
What's the matter? To cheap to have it dry cleaned?
Not if you ever want to wear it again.
Yes if you wash it like you would a wool sweater. Use zero for dark wool clothes. Wash by hand. Follow instrustions on zero bottle. Then squeeze water out , then roll in towels. Then lay out flat on towels to dry.
take it to the dry cleaners.. DON'T try washing it at home
Wash it in the bath tub with shampoo.

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